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What does it mean to register?

The Old Bridge Township website is segmented into 2 distinct partitions. The first contains the web pages that are common to all website visitors. This includes up to date information for residents as well as out-of-town visitors. The second partition of the website contains the web pages that are unique to each specific resident. To access the second partition, residents must complete the on-line registration form. Details on how to register are provided below or Click here.

Why should I register?

There is no requirement for you to register, but as this website develops you will certainly appreciate the conveniences that registered users will realize. Presently you can:

  • Pay your Property Tax​es OnLine. Presently we are accepting current and future tax payments thru this website from your checking/savings account/credit card. We are evaluating the options of OnLine payment for Delinquent or Lien balance(s). You can also see a breakdown of all payments you have made online. Click here for an example

  • Notifications: Residents who choose this option (can change anytime) will receive email notices about road closings, construction, emergencies, expiration dates of permits (Parking, Pets etc..) and more. This is being tested and expected to be implemented soon.

  • Construction Permit History: Get history of permits associated with your property. Click here for sample screen.

  • Property Tax Details: From these web pages, you can see details about your taxes that are not available any other way. Even a visit to the Tax Office at Town Hall would not yield the overview and detailed analysis of current year and last 2 prior years that is available on line. Additionally, to confirm that a payment was received (either online, thru a mortgage company, via a check or a cash payment at the tax window in Town Hall) and understand just how your taxes are allocated are just a few examples of whats available at OB On-Line. Click here for sample screen.

  • Property Details: From this page, you can get details about your property as recorded in the Tax Collectors and Tax Assessors database. Click here for sample screen or this is sample screen.

  • Citizens Complaint System: This is your on-line direct link to Town Hall. Using this system, residents can input a complaint on-line and have that complaint handled by cognizant personnel. Residents are provided status screens and email updates as related to the complaint. Any and all complaints are considered confidential and only visible to the resident who enters it. Click here for sample screen. Click here for an flowchart of Complaint system.

  • Voting Information: Get details about when to vote and where your poll is located. Click here for sample screen.

  • Leafbag usage: Get details about how many you might need for this season based on previous years usage. Click here for Sample Screen.

  • Commuter Parking Permit usage: Get details about your current and previous years usage. Click here for sample screen.

  • Council member:: Get details about who your Township Council representative(s) are and how to contact them via email and phone. Click here for sample screen.

  • Future plans include integration with pet license(s), Township Recreation Programs and more. On-Line payment of fees is also planned. Check back periodically.

How up-to-date is the information on OB On-Line?

At approx. 3am, the website is updated based on the close of business the prior day.

Is the information I register with kept confidential?

All registration information is contained and managed by Township personnel. Any information you enter into OB On-Line will be kept confidential.


How do I get registered with OB On-Line?

From the Website's homepage, in the upper left corner of screen, click the "Register" link and follow the prompts.


Should I register now or wait till additional services become available?

Your choice, but most services will only be available to registered users. Additionally, registered users will be timely updated (if this option is selected) of any/all additions and other changes.


Does it cost anything?

Homeowners will not be charged any fees for the use of OB On-Line during lookup/searches etc. However there are nominal administrative fees associated for processing OnLine Tax and other OnLine payments.

What if I move ?

The website database will be periodically updated to reconcile all changes.


How can I delete my registration?

Simply send an email with your email, home address and request removal from OB On-Line.


While using the system, I had a problem or received a strange error message, who can fix it?

Please send an email and give as accurate a description as possible.


I have a suggestion, whom should I direct it to?

Please send an email and give as accurate a description as possible.



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